Friday, August 28, 2009

Tech Support

Does anyone know how to make a blog entry with what I think is called a "cut"?

For instance, I would have this:

If you want to read about how and why this blog was started, click HERE.

If you want to read about how and why this blog was stopped, click HERE.

If you want to read a general timeline and my closing thoughts on the Rebeccah Beushausen/April Rose blog scam, click HERE.

Is there a way to do this? I've not been blogging too long and I know there are probably a million ins and outs of this site which I haven't figured out...but I am hoping this is possible. I have been hard at work on my "final post" and there is just so much to it...I'd like to split it up into parts but not do separate posts, if I can avoid it.

Any help via comments or email would be very appreciated.


Natalie said...

I think this is what you're looking for!

Back in the day of Livejournal, I could have helped you out- but blogger's is a bit different. Hope it works :)

Becky said...

Please disregard my 1st comment...

Yes, you can do this with ONE post, but I am pretty sure you will need to use HTML code to accomplish it linking within the same post.

On my blog, the testing again post contains the code you will need. If this is indeed what you want to do, let me know.


EJ said...

THANKS, ladies! I am checking these out right now!