Thursday, August 27, 2009

Working on post...

Hi everyone, I am getting so many emails/comments about when I will post, if I will leave up old posts, I wanted to explain just a couple of things:

First off, I have NOT been threatened in any way! A few people have actually asked me if Beccah or someone in her family 'forced' me to discontinue my blog! Please, please, please understand and believe me when I say that while I generally give Beccah ZERO credit...she did not threaten to harm me in any way, threaten to come and kidnap my first (re)born, etc. I made this choice on my own, of my own free well.

I am working on a post explaining to those who "missed the fun" what happened, and also just have a general record of things. I DO plan on leaving some posts up, I just haven't decided which ones or how I am going to organize/present them.

Please do not mention "Becky's Uncle" by name in your comments. It will enable me to approve your comment since he asked not to be mentioned by name. I appreciate the gesture, even if you're rolling your eyes and sighing as you comply. : )

More soon...

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